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Black Fox Distillery Gin #3 (70cl)

Black Fox Distillery Gin #3 (70cl)

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Featuring calendula petals, this mainstay gin is both familiar and unexpected. Over fifteen fruits, flowers, and spices come together to create smooth gin with a layered finish. Tasting Notes The aromas are pronounced and floral in nature, showcasing calendula and rhubarb. The balance of flavours is achieved with a subtle yet expressive range of complexity, with a soft silky texture and a long-layered finish. Bottled in small batches creates a uniqueness in every sip.

 70cl • 42%ABV

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Black Fox Distillery Information

Although there are many foxes in the world, a black fox is unique. Black Fox Farm and Distillery is as rare and extraordinary as the black fox itself.

The founders of Black Fox, husband and wife team, John Cote and Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote, were both raised on farms and met while studying agriculture in University. As 5th generation farmers, agriculture is in their blood. Recognized as the Outstanding Young Farmers of Canada, each awarded the prestigious Nuffield Agricultural Scholarship, Barb and John have studied, consulted and farmed on 5 different continents. Their respect for the land and terroir led them to build Black Fox to share nature’s bounty globally.

“Black Fox was founded on the concept that by utilizing the best possible grains and distilling techniques we could create one of the best whiskies in the world.” It has become apparent that this is indeed possible. All of our ingredients are shaped by the elements that make up our terroir — this place we proudly call home.

Saskatchewan, Canada is known for producing some of the richest grains in the world. Long winters and brilliant summers yield the bountiful crops we harvest to become SE Eleven Canadian whisky which showcases the unique flavours and nuances of the grain. Our whisky is named after this piece of land, located at SE 11-36-06 W3, the South East quarter of section 11, township 36, range 6, west of the third meridian.

By vertically integrating from ingredient production to bottling, Black Fox not only curates raw ingredient quality, but also ensures that sustainability initiatives are implemented throughout the supply chain it controls. We continually strive for perfection, all the while knowing that perfection is elusive but this is the goal that makes us better every day.

What sets us apart from other distillers is our dedication to true craftsmanship. Like a Rolls Royce or a Michelin star restaurant the difference is the attention to detail. We care for the entire process from the ground up, taking care of the soil is as important as the liquid in the bottle. We foster the connection between the land, the farmer, the craftsman and the customer. There is great pride in caring for every step of the process from crop to connoisseur.

Another differentiator is our aim to share not only our bounty but also our knowledge. As a vibrant agritourism location we welcome more than 20,000 visitors per year allowing us to share our story and speak directly to our guests. We have a ready audience to discuss environmental sustainability, terroir, agriculture, whisky and craftsmanship.

As part of the journey with us, we ask that you enjoy our spirits in moderation and good company. Savouring a dram of Black Fox whisky evokes comfort, a sense of security that all is right with the world. When shared with others it is confirmation that these are good people, your people, people that matter. Our whisky shows that you care.

Black Fox SE Eleven Whisky is the taste that delights with complexity and a lingering pleasing aftertaste. Encased in bottle that speaks to world class, you know it holds goodness.