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Australian Whisky Tasting Flight

Australian Whisky Tasting Flight

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This tasting flight contains 12 Australian whiskies with a broad spectrum of taste profiles. Each whisky is presented in a 30ml matte-black glass sampler bottle and labelled with the distillery, whisky name and where it was distilled.

12x30ML • 40- 47%ABV

You'll also find a little reading material to pair with your whisky: a 14-panel tasting booklet filled with information about each whisky, profiles of each distillery and a history of whisky making in Australia. First released in 2016, this is now the sixth iteration of this tasting flight, featuring whiskies from TAS, VIC, NSW, SA and WA. White Possum chose these drams because they're not only all delicious in their own right, but we feel they showcase the diversity of flavours on offer in Aussie whisky at the moment. Many of them have won major awards, but we've also selected a few gems which have barely been noticed.

All 12 whiskies and their accompanying notes are hand-packed neatly into a sleek eco-friendly gift box printed with artwork by graphic artist Starline. Designed to be suitable as a gift or to help seek out your own whisky adventure. 

Included whiskies: Here are the whiskies we've included in this sixth edition, along with exactly why we think each one deserved a spot! 
'Rye Whisky' by Belgrove Distillery The 'OG' Aussie rye made from grain farmed, harvested, malted, milled, dried, fermented, distilled and bottled all on-site by the legendary Peter Bignell.
'Port Cask' by Overeem Distillery Possibly one of the most revered Aussie whiskies and a favourite for good reason. This team has been at it since 2007 - a long time for Aussie whisky!
'Signature Single Malt' by Morris Whisky When a centuries old maker of fortified wines starts making whisky, one expects supremely richly flavoured drams. That's what one gets from Morris.
'Muscat Cask' by Headlands Distilling Making whisky grain to glass using renewable energy on the coast of NSW sounds idyllic and it shows in this rather indulgent result.
'Old Reliable' by Dobson's Distillery As the name says, it's reliable, yet it's oh so different. An Irish style drop that delivers a smooth yet distinctly outback experience.
'House Malt' by Fleurieu Distillery Two ex-brewers making whisky? Yep, a good sign their new-make is good. And after ageing in ex-Apera, ex-Tawny and ex-Frontignac casks, the final whisky is even better.
'Corn Mash Whisky' by Grove Distillery It takes a certain amount of courage to make bourbon outside of the US. This team has taken advantage of small casks and their searing hot climate to do just that.
'Limeburners Sherry Cask' by Great Southern Distilling Makers of the first whiskies from WA, this very dependable dram has had us hooked for ages. Perfect for anyone who's into a lightly sherried whisky.
'Peated' by Hellyers Road Distillery It would be amiss not to have included a peated whisky. We don't make too much of it in Australia (yet). This one smothers your nose with smoke as it's designed to.
'O'Grady's Stand' by Kinglake Distillery A very exciting young distillery that's shown that sensible cask selection and patience can really pay off. This is a consistently rich and delicious number.
'Nova' by Starward Distillery Starward is a behemoth in Australia but merely a teeny ant by Scottish standards. This is the dram that best highlights what they're known for - maturing in Aussie wine casks.
'Upshot' by Whipper Snapper Distillery For what we consider the perfect casual sipping whisky, turn to Upshot. Made in the style of bourbon. It's an easy drinker. Did we mention it's an easy drinker?

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